Silverberry Card - Weight Loss DNA Reports

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A unique approach tailored to YOU! Whether you are planning for weight loss or gain, your unique physiology will affect which diet or exercise program will help you achieve your goal. These reports provide insight into the genes most directly influencing your weight  genetic variations related to metabolism, appetite, taste preferences, exercise physiology, and much more!
  • Consult your genes on a variety of topics to make daily decisions, such as what food to eat or which exercise has the most benefit for you according to your body and unique biology.
  • 28 Trait Reports in 5 Groups: Weight Profile, Fat, Sugar, Muscle Building and Exercise Benefits
  • Ech reports include your DNA Assessment, Trait Description, Personalized Recommendation and additional Educational Resources
  • Order for yourself or gift to anyone
  • Compatible with your Existing DNA File from 23andMe, FTDNA and AncestryDNA