Silverberry Card - Exercise Injury Risk Reports

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Though regular exercise provides tremendous health benefits, it's important to consider injury risks before beginning a training program. Your genetics influence how our tendons, ligaments, and joints are structured. These differences can produce unique joint or muscular vulnerabilities.

Genetics can also influence how much discomfort you experience both during and after exercise — increasing muscle cramps and soreness or slowing muscle repair. Awareness of your unique risks can help you protect yourself from injury when implementing an exercise program.

Explore how your genetic variations may influence your injury risk, recovery time, and discomfort during exercise.

  •   Prevent Exercise Injury Risks by understanding your genetic predispositions
  • 10 Trait Reports in 4 Groups: including joint, bones, muscles and more
  • Compatible with your Existing DNA File from 23andMe, FTDNA and AncestryDNA
  • Each report includes your DNA Assessment, Trait Description, Personalized Recommendation and additional Educational Resources
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