Weight Loss Reports

Weight Loss Reports

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A unique approach tailored to YOU!

Whether you are planning for weight loss or gain, your unique physiology will affect which diet or exercise program will help you achieve your goal. These reports provide insight into the genes most directly influencing your weight 
 genetic variations related to metabolism, appetite, taste preferences, exercise physiology, and much more! The reports have been selected from the Nutrition and Sports & Exercise packages to guide your weight management plans.

The 28 trait reports provide risk assessments, trait explanations, and recommendations. In each report, you will discover which genetic variations contribute to your predisposition and learn about the scientific basis for your assessment. You will also receive recommendations based on your assessments and resources to further inform your decision-making.

  • 28 Trait Reports in 5 Groups
  • View on your desktop or mobile phone. Download a PDF to share with your nutritionist, physician, or friends.
  • Sample reports available when you sign-up for a free account.

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